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Here at Dance Teaching Ideas we provide quality dance education learning resources for the Primary classroom. Designed by passionate artists and educators who understand the needs of Primary teachers when implementing the Arts in their classrooms. We are here to help.

Dance is a great way to introduce the Arts curriculum and get your class moving! With a range of dance learning activities that link to other curriculum areas, these resources are detailed and support student centred learning. Through carefully designed, imaginative activities, physical, written and oral, these units scaffold learning about and through dance. 

If you need support in implementing dance as a part of your teaching toolbox, consider becoming a Premium Member of Dance Teaching Ideas.
There are fully prepared dance units, lessons, and single activities that include games, warmups, written activities that link to a range of learning areas.
Each lesson is supported by printable resources that you can use immediately in your classroom.


Here are some individual dance resources created for the Primary/Elementary school classroom and are designed to implement immediately.

No more planning required!

Time is your most valuable commodity. Bring new ideas for Arts lessons into your classroom without the time spent in planning. We do the work for you!

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Dancing with Captain Cook
A dance unit for primary schools

Set sail with Captain Cook’s first voyage on The Endeavour! Dance and music were an important part of life at sea and this detailed, Curriculum aligned dance unit brings history alive.

Printable downloads, workbook ideas, digital dance examples, detailed arts activities and writing and reading tasks are provided in this dance unit to help you create fun and fabulous classroom dance activities. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced teacher, it always helps to have quality resources on hand to give you ideas and get the buzz going in your primary classroom.

Curriculum aligned resources to get you and your students excited, and  bring dance into your classroom.

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Dance Units for the primary school classroom that are designed to implement immediately.  No more planning required! Time is your most valuable commodity.

Bring new ideas for Arts Curriculum lessons into your classroom without the time spent in planning. We do the work for you!

This easy to follow, detailed dance unit is the first of many, covering a range of curriculum areas.  Made for the beginner teacher or seasoned expert, Dancing with Captain James Cook has been designed by highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of education, dance and the Arts.

Learn the historic English Country Dances, The Mile End Assembly and the Transit of Venus as students explore the society of England in the 1700s. Lead student choreography, while engaging in historically accurate, literacy activities about the life of crew members onboard The Endeavour.

Experience the event of Cook meeting the Maoris from a range of historic perspectives.  This unit also provides step by step dance performance preparation for your class to perform at school events.

• Includes videos, original music and printable worksheet templates for all dances.
• 10 detailed lesson plans
• Use as a 10 week unit or as individual lessons to support a HASS unit

historical dancing

• Includes a cover page so you can make it into a workbook for students

• Dance lessons that are integrated with Music, Drama or English

• Discussion starters

• Over 30 separate teacher resources

• Pre discussion historical information for teachers

• Researched and designed by leading experts in colonial dance and dance education

• Adaptable for use in a range of year levels 4/5/6 – aligned to the Australian Curriculum

• Historically accurate readings and references from a range of perspectives

• Independent tasks appropriate for assessment

Dance lessons aligned to the Australian Curriculum for your teaching tool kit.

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This resource was created on the lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people.
We pay our respects to their elders past and present.
Sovereignty was never ceded.

Create Your Own Country
A dance project for Primary school classrooms and home schooling learning

In this dance project students create their own imaginary country complete with its own traditions and culture.
The children learn about how geographical features, history and traditions influence a country’s cultural art forms.

creative dance activities

This project is suitable for Year 4, 5 and 6 and may be done as a whole project or implemented as separate dance activities. It is suitable for a whole class or for the home learning environment.

In this project students will:
• Investigate, learn and perform the dances of another country or the cultural dances of your own country
• Create maps
• Engage in Role play activities           
• Explore creative writing
• Choreograph new dances


The fantastic Mr Fox

A dance unit of work for Year 3 & 4

  • Includes activity sheets, extension activities, printable resources
  • 10 detailed lesson plans
  • Adaptable enough to be done as individual lessons or as a complete unit
  • Links with year 3/ 4 literacy; precise use of verbs, character description, and narrative storytelling.
  • Scaffolded and detailed choreography, performance, and responding outcomes.

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