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Performing Primary School Dance: Pluses & Pitfalls

Performing dance in Primary/Elementary classrooms can be an exciting and positive experience.  But like all good lessons or projects in schools you need to plan for success. Many children and adults have very adverse experiences with performing.  This includes speaking,

Performing Primary Dance

September 6, 2022

Action Whispers

Dance Game for Memory This is a dance memory game that can be focused on the Dance Elements. The movements you choose to use and how many movements for each phrase will depend on the age and level of your

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February 25, 2022

Dancing in Nature.

This reflective exploration is a mindfulness activity that helps older students to explore their natural environment. It is both a cooldown and could be used as a part of a reflective activity.

creative dance lesson plans

February 7, 2022

Back to school dance activities for fun and learning

 The first few weeks of school are important for establishing your classroom procedures and expectations.  However there needs to be fun activities to break up the ‘sit and listen’ style activities. Children have been in an unstructured environment for many

Pass The Parcel

Initiate Dance, Play & Improvisation Pass The Parcel needs preparation wrapping the parcel, but it engages the class in unplanned movement. This is particularly useful with a new class at the start of the year.

January 28, 2022

Team-building in the dance classroom for the new year

One of the benefits of using dance in the Primary classroom is about building a strong, collaborative classroom.  Whether you are making dance or performing dance you are working together to create a work of art.  This team-building, collaborative aspect

team work in dance class

January 20, 2022

Dance Brain Breaks for Primary classrooms

Movement in the Primary classroom is generally undervalued.  It is seen as the light refreshment in the smorgasbord of learning. Many teachers use the promise of being able to move about the classroom as the dangling carrot to good behaviour.

Brain Breaks

January 5, 2022

Stuck In The Mud

Dance Game for Body Bases and Shapes (Space) In the dance version of Stuck in the Mud, the shape the children make is determined by which quadrant they are in. This starts them using their bodies in different ways and

December 20, 2021

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