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Warmups and Cooldowns

These are quick dance activities that can be done at the beginning or end of the lesson or extended into a 40 min dance lesson.

The Warmups and Dance Games contains,

  • The Dance Rules: outlines for the students to know the rules before beginning
  • Extension Activities: Many of the games have extension dance activities that can be done immediately after the dance game or in another lesson. Most of these activities can be done in a 40min lesson when combined with the game. However, some of them have suggestions for projects that may require more than one lesson.

The Dance Discussion: Ideas for teachers for possible discussion starters including written activities and reflection sheets.

Top Tips: Ideas on how to run the activity and focus the learning. There are also music suggestions and video links.
The Cooldowns are both physical and as a part of reflecting on the lesson or dance activity. They allow students to reset after physical activity.

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